Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grandma's Doughnuts

I got lucky earlier this week - Grandma called to say her and Grandpa had made homemade doughnuts and wondered if I could bring the girls by to have one after picking up Erin from school. Our Grandma Clouse has been making homemade doughnuts for years. When her kids were in high school, she would make them to sell at Duncan High School football games to help the school raise money. I've never actually made the dough myself, but have helped with cutting the dough out, frying them in oil, and glazing them (a long time ago.) My specialty, though, is eating them.
(used for doughnuts and cinnamon rolls - tripled recipe)
1 1/2 C warm water
6 Tbsp yeast
1 tsp sugar
4 1/2 C warm milk
1 1/2 C soft shortening
1 1/2 C sugar
5 tsp salt
6 eggs
Approximately 16 C flour
Sprinkle yeast and sugar in warm water. Set aside to rise.
Heat milk until quite warm. Add shortening, sugar, and salt. Add eggs. Mix in about 10 cups flour. Mix until smooth. Add yeast and 6 more cups flour. Dough should be slightly sticky. Place in large greased pan and let rise twice.
For doughnuts: Roll out approximately 1/3 of dough and cut with doughnut cutter, 1/2 inch thick. Put on wax paper lined cookie sheet and let rise until doubled. Fry in hot oil until golden brown. Immediately dip in glaze. Grandma dips the doughnut in glaze, then hangs it on a skewer or a long knitting needle which is sitting on top of a bowl to let the extra glaze drip off.
3 2-lb. bags powdered sugar
enough boiling water to make a thin icing
3 Tbsp vanilla
Glaze should be the right consistency to stick on a hot doughnut, but not too heavy. You might have to try a few and add more powdered sugar or boiling water until you get it right.
*When you're done, call me (when your kitchen is cleaned up) and I'll come help you eat them


No Buckaroos said...

Oh my goodness - my mouth is watering must looking at them. They are the best!

The Valentine Fam said...

Grandma's donuts are so good. I remember making them a few times when I lived with them. Delicious!

Jenny said...

Wow, these look so good! I will be trying them for sure! Great blog ladies!