Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Lotion

I got this "recipe" from 1 Talented Family blog . It looked fun, so I tried it. She says it's the best lotion and promised that everyone will love it. It was easy to make and smells good.

This is directly from her blog:
"The ingredients are: a large 27 ounce bottle of Baby Lotion (I use Wal-Mart brand, it is cheaper, smells sooooo yummy and is just as good). One 2.5 oz tube of Vaseline (again, I used Wal-Mart) and 2 bottles of the Vitamin E Cream (Fruit of the Earth brand). The Vitamin E cream is $3.67 for 2 bottles and that is how it is sold."

Go to their blog to see a picture of the ingredients.

You have to cut open the lotion bottle to get it all out. There's actually quite a bit left after squeezing it all out.

I actually ended up using a heaping 1/4 cup of vaseline from my tub of it since when I went to make it I couldn't find the tube of it that I had bought. I found it outside all squirted out and dirty. Thank you Jay.

I mixed it all with my beaters. It was fun. Then I scooped it all into a gallon size ziploc bag with a rubber spatula and cut off the tip of one corner and squirted it into each container. This worked really well.

I got the containers from Walmart (of course-where else here in Thatcher?). The small ones are from the section with all the travel size stuff. The pump is from the housewares department with the bathroom items. It turned out pretty, I think.

I used some on Drake this morning after his bath. He turned out so soft and smells so good!


Marsha said...

How fun! It turned out cute.

No Buckaroos said...

I bought the stuff to make it - I bought "Nursery Jelly" (Wal-mart brand)instead of Vaseline. It's the exact same thing with a baby scent too!