Saturday, May 29, 2010

Letter Dice

This is what we gave Lucas' teacher, Ms. Heather, at the end of school. 

I bought 9 - 1 inch dice (they came in packs of 3).  If they had not been out of 1 1/4 inch, I probably would have bought them.  The big 2 inch ones might be kind of fun too.  I only ended up using 7 of them.  I also bought some rub on letters in the craft section.  I'm sure stickers would work too, but I wanted something a little more permanent. I painted all the dice then sanded all sides and the edges so they were smooth.  Then I rubbed the letters on to each dice.  I used all the letters once and then added more of the more common letters.  I got the mini paint can at Robert's too.  It's kind of fun because you can use the can as a shaker to roll them.  If you plan to use this to teach letters than you might want to include Q & Z like I did.  If you plan to use it for words/reading, then leave them out. 

My kids had a blast with them until we had to deliver the gift!

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