Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mike's Mission Tortillas

Poor Mike, he only has sisters!

(Sorry-the pictures are not in order!)

Michael is home! And with him came a love for authentic tortillas. He had me buy some White Corn Masa (MA SE CA as it says on the bag) and he cooked up some delicious tortillas. He said he ate these with almost every meal. They are really good. We had them first just plain as after-swimming-snacks. Then later made some more for tacos.

I used leftover roast that I had made and these tacos were yummy. I used a recipe from My Kitchen Cafe for the roast and I have to say it's my new favorite.

Pour some masa into a bowl, add some salt (don't have an amount-just a pinch or two). Stir in some water. Make it not too sticky, but enough water to hold together. Put a ball of dough onto a tortilla press in between two layers of plastic (Mike cut a ziploc bag up). Press dough, pick up plastic with dough on it and turn the dough onto your hand and then to the hot griddle. Cook both sides on high heat. Mike says they are better not too brown.
Make tacos, egg burritos, bean burritos, or whatever you want.


Katrina said...

Such a lucky guy to have so many sisters to dote on him!!! Cute picture!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Mike being home!!! I love that picture :)

Brooke said...

Makes me excited for Jake to come home...and miss him!