Thursday, December 4, 2008

potaTOES and other Thanksgiving treats!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fantastic!

I'm sure you're wondering why the crazy title...keep reading. I assure you, it will be worth your time.

Thank you Amy for the Pilgrim Hats...see below picture (yes that is a tic tac)

My plate of food. Delicious. If you need any of the recipes...just post a comment and I'm sure any of my sisters would be more than happy to post the recipe as I am currently studying for a big test, and you're all so very lucky I took the time to post these. My favorites: Sweet Potato Casserole (the kids thought it was pie) and the stuffing/dressing (whatever you would like to call it).

Thanks Steve for the fun Hay Ride! Here he is driving the tractor. I was sitting right behind him on the trailer!

AND HERE THEY ARE! Thanks Cam for being such a good sport for this picture! I offered to lick them off...but she wiped them off before I had a chance! Darn!

For those that want to know, the fruit dip is made by mixing yogurt and cool whip in whatever proportions you so desire. I chose 1 cup of yoplait yogurt to half a regular size container of cool whip.

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