Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Child Leash

I've seen lots of "mommy handles" on craft blogs lately. I'm sure they work great if you have a sweet little girlie that likes to mind and never tries to run away. But my BOYS are different. I need something more like a LEASH. So I cut a strip of material 5 inches wide and made a belt and a handle. I ironed the strips in half and then the edges inward towards the fold, then sewed down both sides. On the belt I put a D-ring on one end and a hook-clippie thing I got in the jewlry section at JoAnn's. Then on the handle I put another clippie thing on one end and a wrist loop on the other. We'll see how this works.

Of course he has to model it on the kitchen counter since it's his favorite spot in the house.

He's been playing doggie all day, and also "tying himself" to things all over the house.

Here's a picture of the belt D-ring and hook. The handle hook just clips right to the D-ring, also. Too bad I had to mix gold and silver. No JoAnn's in Thatcher.

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Marsha said...

I love it! How creative. Hopefully he won't pretend to be a dog in the store - ha ha!