Friday, October 16, 2009


This is my cousin Doreen (my dad's niece). She taught me how to make tamales today so I thought I'd share it! It was so fun to visit and catch up on our family! Thanks Doreen!


Meat Mixture:
Cooked/shredded beef and pork roasts
Old El Paso Mild Enchilada Sauce (Las Palmas works too!)
Jar of Salsa (or can)
Spices - chili powder, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper , etc.
(She didn't really measure - just to taste)

Masa Dough: (we tripled this today!)
1 1/3 c. lard (don't use shortening)
4 c. Masa Harina (it all says instant)
2 t. salt
sprinkle a little chile powder in
3-4 c. warm broth (use chicken bullion to make broth)
Mix lard, and dry ingreds. with hands until mixed well (like pie crust) - add liquid until right consistency to spread (like sugar cookie dough)
Soak corn husks in warm water (about 30 minutes) then spread dough on husks, add meat, wrap and steam.
Freeze any leftovers and then reheat in microwave or on your woodburning stove! (That's what she did as a kid!)
Mixing the meat mixture (she used beef, pork, turkey and venison. I don't like venison but I couldn't tell it was in it.

Showing us how to spread the masa dough on the husks. Make about a 4" long. Spread a thin layer clear to one edge and about 1/4" from other edge. Put a spoonful of meat in the center of the dough then fold like a tamale! (one edge over to 1/4" of other edge - seal and fold up ends)

"Many hands make light work!" It's a great friend/family project!

Ready to steam (I'm sure we made over 100!)

In the pan to steam (she put a layer of jar rings on the bottom to hold the rack off the bottom - then layered the tamales on top criss-crossing each layer -Put the lid on but not tight. Cook for about 30 minutes. You can tell when they're done by unwrapping one and they should fall off the husk easily.


Marsha said...

I think I could eat tamales every day and still love them! I haven't tried making them yet. Thanks for the recipe!

Amy said...

I was craving tamales the other day. Now I'm really going to have to get some from somewhere!!!

No Buckaroos said...

Maybe we'll have a "tamale making party" at Thanksgiving when we come!